Tuesday, July 02, 2002

Keep your eyes upon Jesus: St. Clare of Assisi wrote this to Bl. Agnes of Prague.

......You have one aim: as a poor virgin to embrace the poor Christ. Keep your eyes fast on him who for you was reckoned of no account and let your part be to be willing to be held of no account for him. Your spouse is he who is of comeliness beyond all the sons of men, and who for your salvation became the least of men and despised and smitten and wounded in all of his body and dying under the hard requirements of the cross. It is him you want to see, to gaze upon fixedly, to think upon deeply, and with desire to imitate.

When you suffer with him, you will reign with him; when you grieve with him, you will rejoice with him; when with him you die on the cross of harrowing demands or bitter circumstances, you will possess a heavenly dwelling place in the splendor of the saints; your name, written in the book of life, will be glorious among men. And, because you have done this, in place of the passing things of this earth, yours will be, for eternity and for ever and ever, the glory of the heavenly kingdom. In place of goods that perish yours will be the things that are eternal and you will live for ever and ever.

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