Thursday, August 29, 2002

Filing away "-elect" for another twenty-three years or so, God willing and the creek don't rise

935 people in the Cathedral, the limit of the Fire Marshall. About 430 of them concelebrants. It took 40 minutes to process them in, before EWTN picked up the coverage. And the Archdiocesan Chorus and Orchestra. And another 400 or so guests sitting in the atrium with a large screen TV. A recipe for disaster, Murphy's Law loves crowds; yet we have survived, and Timothy Dolan is ours and we are his.

Here are the links to the stories in the Journal Sentinel on the Welcoming Vespers and on the Installation Mass. They did a decent job, so I don't have to keep newsblogging all night. Some articles are beginning to show up on the Catholic Herald Online site also.

Happy surfing, and enjoy the image of Milwaukeans trying to hide under the bed while being made to ROFL!

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