Friday, August 16, 2002

I guess peace and unity couldn't last forever

According to the cover story of Thursday's Catholic Herald, also reported elsewhere, local CUF activist Mr. Al Szews [the acknowledged leader of the local Bishop Bashing Brigade for many years] has made his first demand [or is it challenge?] of the new archbishop-elect. According to Mr. Szews, the new archbishop must prove his true Catholicity by denouncing the Call to Action (CTA), one of two "reform" groups (the other being Wanderer Forum) which have made a tradition of plaguing the city of Milwaukee almost every year.

The strange thing about this is that the recently retired archbishop regularly called CTA on the carpet for its incorrect positions, not-Catholic attitudes, and neglect of the holy Tradition, and he publicly refused to make even token appearances at their conferences. Yet still Mr. Szews hated the last archbishop.

Why would Mr. Szews love the new archbishop for doing the same things as he hated the last archbishop for?

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