Saturday, August 17, 2002

Interconnections with the blog world

John/Tom of Disputations and Mark of Minute Particulars have extended commentary at their sites set off by my little reflection on the Assumption/Dormition the other day. You will want to wander over to them, they both are excellent. An emailer has also raised the issue about whether all doctrine has to be formally defined, and if it would ease tensions with other apostolic churches, whether there can be un-definitions, returning unchallenged common universal beliefs to just that status. I'll have to chew a while on that one before I make comment or opinion.

And Terrence of the Provincial Emails takes noted exception to my lament yesterday about the return of our divisive ways here in Milwaukee. Terrence and I have to agree to disagree, but you can go over there and see his exception yourself. He has also adorned his post with complete links to all the mentioned groups, so if you _really_ want to expose yourself to Wanderer Forum or Call to Action, he's got the links. As for me: Lord, deliver us from the Wandering Actionites, please!

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