Sunday, August 25, 2002

since I'm in Milwaukee and the great news-bloggers Amy and Mark Shea are not, I'll experiment a little with newsblogging here.

Sunday Night with Mike Gousha: Timothy Dolan ch.4, WTMJ, NBC affiliate
(notes from someone who doesn't know shorthand)

short prerecorded bio, emphasized scholarship, humor, approachability
welcome from host
said he had "lots of anticipation, lots of joy" and was "so eager to get started."
He's been reviewing Milwaukee Church history.
Happily surprised at great vitality he's seen here since his appointment; says that the Church in Milwaukee has been noted for its great vitality since its very beginning, and has always had wide open arms for everybody, from the beginning.

Said that difficult and painful times are also great times of renewal.

Asked about his agenda for the archdiocese. Said he did not have one yet; that first he has to get out, has to get to know the people of the archdiocese, get to know his priests, deacons, parish workers, collaborators, has to listen and attend. After that, then.

Comments on World Youth Day.

Asked what kind of guy he was. "Pretty simple guy; I hope I'm friendly, I hope I'm open." and about giving himself to prayer.
"There's no time in my memory I didn't want to be a priest."

Question about challenges in the Church: sex abuse scandal
says we have a good beginning but now we have to do it, and that takes time and will be painful. Has some experience from St. Louis.
Must also restore trust: "If you don't have trust, religion is shot." Meetings with victims both one-on-one and structured listening sessions must continue and will continue.

Tangent about The Settlement: cannot happen again, safeguards already put in place to make finances transparent. touched on the difference between scandal and embarrassment (not the same thing.) Not wanting to add burden to Abp. Weakland more than he already bears. He was here in Milwaukee on Apology Day, commented on it.

More challenges for Church: vocations. 28 in major seminary, more in college formation. has met and consulted with the excellent vocation director. Abp. Weakland has started the turnaround in vocations already but we have to do even more. "Priests have to be contagious." Parents need to create a climate of encouragement to their children for vocations to priesthood and to consecrated life.

Asked about his Church political position. Big theatrical wink and half-grin, claimed there was no such thing. went on to comment on Church politics, said forget about all labels except he loves the Lord and loves the Church.
Specifically asked about differences between himself and Abp. Weakland: said there will probably will be some just like there were when Abp. Weakland came to replace Abp. Cousins. But Abp. Weakland and he have so much in common: both faithful bishops of the Church, both in love with Christ and with the Church, both reading the same Scriptures and praying the same prayers.......

Last minutes question on becoming a true Milwaukean; Miller vs. Busch, Brewers vs. Cardinals, bratwurst vs. toasted raviolis. Says it won't be too hard for him. Brags about blessings of his family, that we'll see lots of all his nieces, and that it's a true blessing to get moved so near to his brother Bob and his family.

Closing courtesies and goodnight.

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