Monday, August 26, 2002

Weber and Dolan (and Dolan) 7-8 am cdt WISN-AM 1130 KHz

One hour of very fast-paced talk with lots of jokes, including some insider family kind. Bob Dolan the co-host is also the kid brother of Tim Dolan the archbishop-elect. Three pages of not-very-complete, small handwriting notes. I'm not a good enough typist to enter it all, but I will list the callers and their questions. Note that there was not even one question about clerical child abuse, sexual issues, or The Settlement: callers had other questions they held more important.

1) Deacon Jim of Greendale: the roles of deacons in the Church.
2) Monica of Brookfield: Why was the mitre getting taken off and put back on repeatedly during Irish Fest liturgy? How do you keep it straight when it's supposed to be on or off?
3) Debbie of West Allis: Are you going to put bolted-down pews in the Cathedral?
4) Dennis of Madison: How did the seminarians in Bruce Murphy's book _New_Men_ turn out in the end?
5) Debbie of Milwaukee north side: Relationship between the archdiocese and ethnic Catholics, how to improve it.
6) Mary of West Bend: Some parishes don't kneel on Sundays, shouldn't all parishes be made to be the same?
7) Mary Pat of Sheboygan: When can we fill you full of patitsa [sp? a east european delicacy]?
8) Jim of Greenfield: I'm a political and religious conservative, will the diocese become politically conservative soon?
9) Jeff of Fond du Lac: Will you continue to support Catholic education and Catholic schools?
10) Chris of South Milwaukee: You took our priest to be your secretary! Not that we're not happy for him, but who's going to replace him, with the priest shortage and all?
11) Bruce of West Allis: Every parish is different, can't uniformity be imposed, please?

Quite a collection of callers!

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