Thursday, September 26, 2002

To all my readers, please pray for my friend Gerard, without whom this website would not exist; he is undergoing a great trial and needs our intercession now.

Psalm 43

Defend me, take up my cause
against people who have no pity;
from the treacherous and the cunning
rescue me, God.

It is You, God, who are my shelter;
why do You abandon me?
Why must I walk so mournfully,
oppressed by the enemy?

Send out Your light and Your truth,
let these be my guide,
to lead me to Your holy mountain
and to the place where You live.

Then I shall go to the altar of God,
to the God of my joy.
I shall rejoice, I shall praise You on the harp,
my Lord, my God.

Why so downcast, my soul?
Why do you sigh within me?
Put your hope in God: I shall praise Him yet,
my saviour, my God.


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