Saturday, September 21, 2002

to close the autumn Ember Days: A Song of Thanksgiving found on a Society of Creative Anachronism filksong site. (It's really more a winter Ember Days or Christmas feast song, but I still couldn't resist; the Lord preserves us even if it isn't snow season quite yet, this is Wisconsin, snow won't be long away.)

A Song of Thanksgiving
Mar Yaakov HaMizrachi

[Notes from Yaakov: This popped into my head for Thanksgiving, but I don't know that it is everyone's cup of tea. It can be sung to the tune of "An Astrologer's Song" (Kippling/Fish)]

The harvest is in and the fire on the hearth.
Let cruel Borealis blow down from the North!
With fellowship, laughter and bowls of good cheer,
We'll drive out the cold and the dark of the year!

The barn brims to bursting with corn and with beast.
What we could not store we now set for our feast.
We'll sit by the fire and eat drink and sing,
While Earth sleeps in snow and prepares for the spring.

But even in revels- forget not oh man!
Nor boast that thy plenty comes by thine own hand!
Recall what you owe to the bounty of God-
His Mercy that keeps you well-fed clothed and shod.

He gave us good measure of sun and sweet rain.
He blessed all our laboir; He healed all our pain.
Give thanks that he brought us here healthy and warm.
(And pray He protects us from sickness and storm!)

Oh Lord bless this company gathered today,
And smile as we lift up our glasses and say:
"With fellowship, laughter and bowls of good cheer,
We'll drive off the cold and the dark of the year!"

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