Sunday, September 01, 2002

The trials of obedience

Just arrived home from the Cathedral, where Archbishop Dolan is continuing the tradition of celebrating the "Radio Mass" each Sunday in the Cathedral. [The Radio Mass has been nearly forever, but the tradition of it being the bishop's Mass was begun in 1977 when Archbishop Weakland came.] There was a social after Mass, so we could all meet the new archbishop.

But I have to be obedient to those in authority over me, and that includes obedience to the Transit Express driver. I was nowhere near the front of the line when the Transit Express guy arrived to take me away, and he was only 3 minutes early, so I had to be obedient and leave. Oh well, maybe next week at the Cousins Center Mass and picnic.......

And he's still eutrapeliac, it wasn't just the celebration doing it; thanks to Dylan of error503 for that very accurate and exact word.

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