Sunday, January 19, 2003

Just a general update; mostly for my friends and kin who check on my welfare by seeing if I post.......

Hope to be back in gear tomorrow sometime. Totally uninspired to write, sniffly, achey (spring cannot come too soon!). went out last night to help the Milwaukee Repeater Club elect new officers, and that was too much really. Spent most of today resting and have to do the bills before the postal carrier comes tomorrow.

A little good news, though. I've got a ride to church on Wednesday for the Mass for Life, and because it's a weekday, I'll be able to go to Confession! I'm horribly overdue; my parish has two hours of confession time every day --- but not Sundays or Holy Days, which are the times I manage to get there. Thumbs up, keep praying, and see you again tomorrow after I write out checks to all my creditors.

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