Thursday, February 20, 2003

We must keep on praying for peace

These prayers are from the Community of St. Egidio in Rome, who have been known not only to pray (though they never stop doing that) but also to do bold and effective things to make and keep peace.

--- O Lord, we pray you, may the wounds of war, hunger, and abandonment which so many people suffer from be healed. We pray you for peace, the salvation of every people, may it come soon.

--- O Lord, bestow your peace upon us, upon our brothers in the world and upon all countries at war. Disarm the hands and the minds of the violent, bend all hearts to the commandments of peace. May peace-building men and women arise in the world.

--- O Lord, you hear the cry of the weak, the orphans and the widows, of the foreigners, help us to show your same compassion and go towards the poor with a generous heart.

--- O Lord, disarm the plans of the violent, make the whole world rise again so that death, terrorism, violence, and revenge may no longer rule over the heart of man and peace may reign everywhere. We pray you to protect all countries ravaged by war.


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