Tuesday, April 29, 2003

It's my name-day --- and a remembrance of even more general importance

Today is the feast of Catherine Benincasa of Siena, doctor of the Church and one who lived by the counsels but didn't become a nun. She even, for some time, lived "betwixt-between," canonically without a place and unknown or opposed by her kin, loving her Lord her Beloved in her cupboard under the stairs. May she always remember all her poor namesakes here below.

But besides being April 29th, 2003 it's also 27 Nisan 5763, and Yom haShoa Vehagevurah, the day of remembrance of those lost to the Nazi persecutions, the anniversary of the day the Warsaw Rebellion began. Remember in your prayers all those who died, and all those who, whether they succeeded or whether they lost their own lives trying, did attempt to save even one human life; especially the unfamous ones who are remembered by no one anymore. The person who saves even one life, saves the whole world. Magnified and sanctified be the Lord's great name. Amen.

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