Friday, April 25, 2003

Today is Rogation Day

As I've been reminded by Bob of CINJustAnn listserv, today is the Rogation Day, when we beg God for success and fruitfulness in our farms and gardens. Like the Ember Days, for us city-folk, it reminds us that our food does not come from the grocery store, but from the enviernmental blessings of God and the hard work of farnworkers. From Bob's email, what his community, the Oscar Romero CW House of Oklahoma City, is doing for the Rogation Day:

Today is one of the traditional Rogation Days of the Church (from Rogare, Latin for "to ask"). It is a time to ask God's blessing on fields, gardens, seeds, and farmers and gardeners. It is traditionally observed with a mass followed by a procession through fields and gardens. Sometimes small wooden crosses marked with the date are implanted on fields or nailed to trees or fence posts as a sign of the blessing.

Here in Oklahoma City, we are having mass at 6:30 PM this evening at our house, and afterwards we will process through the neighborhood to the two lots we have for community gardens, to bless them. Below are some links with ideas, prayers, and history for observing this holy day. The last link, from EWTN, has the complete text of the litanies and Rogation day prayers and the traditional mass in Latin and English.

Robert Waldrop
Oscar Romero Catholic Worker House in Oklahoma City (prayers in English and Latin)

So, it's a little late for planning, but at least pray God for the fruitfulness of the earth and the safety of those who grow our food. And, if you have a garden place, or even a few rhubarbs or asparaguses, you may want to take out your bottle of holy water and give them a prayer and blessing this day.

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