Thursday, June 12, 2003

Amateur radio operators say it with wavelengths, and other quips about RF......

You might recall from back when that my little anchor hold has "a few antennas." This morning's The Connection radio program was about those antennas, and what people like me, amateur radio operators, do with them. Here is a web page with an audio link to the program. It was very accurate and also entertaining.

To me, it roused a duty you might wany to join me in. Please especially remember in your prayers this day W6QYI, who, in his non-ham life, is the bishop where my brothers Tom and Jim live. Reading the other bloggers, seems he could use some extra intercesion right about now, even more than the rest of our bishops.

And, a smile for today. In the world of licenced radio operation, all male operators are old men, OMs, whether they are four years old or 104, and all female operators are young ladies, YLs, whether they are 95 or only five. Therefore, thanks to the graciousness of the Federal Communications Commission, I will never grow old.

karen marie, amateur radio operator N9GNG

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