Wednesday, June 25, 2003

One year ago today

It was one year ago today that +Timothy Michael Dolan was named to come to us, here in Milwaukee. This coming Sunday, in Rome, he will receive the symbolic yoke worn by metropolitans, the pallium --- just in case it should ever slip his mind (how could it?) that he is a servant and a bearer of burdens. Pray for him, and the 600 or so faithful who are accompanying him to Rome for this ceremony, and for me, that I don't hold jealousy of them.


To the Venerable Brother TIMOTHY MICHAEL DOLAN, up to now titular Bishop of Natchez and also Auxiliary of the Archdiocese of Saint Louis, transferred to the currently vacant Archiepiscopal See of Milwaukee, greetings and apostolic blessing.

While, indeed, it is with great joy and comfort that we think about the beauty of the City of Milwaukee and the strength of its flourishing Catholic community, yet, at the same time, we turn our solicitous attention today to the pastoral needs of that beloved flock, inasmuch as it is without its own shepherd and moderator of archdiocesan life and activity, due to the resignation on account of the age established by law of the Venerable Brother Rembert George Weakland, O.S.B., after almost twenty-five years of continuous governance. Therefore, in order that a worthy ordinary might again be provided in his place as soon as possible, we turn to you, Venerable Brother, whom just about one year ago we very confidently called to carry out important Episcopal duties in the church and whom since that time we from afar and indeed happily have observed as one who acts skillfully, discerns wisely, and ardently devotes himself to the tasks of each day.

According, accepting the opinion of the congregation for bishops, without any hesitation on our part we, by means of this letter, appoint you Metropolitan Archbishop of Milwaukee, at the same time endowing you with all the rights and privileges but also imposing the obligations and responsibilities, which the sacred canons connect with this same appointment and the administration of an archbishop.

You will, of course, at the appropriate time take care that the beloved clergy and faithful of Milwaukee are duly and publicly informed about this our will, our decision, and our appointment concerning you. And, as if present there ourselves, we encourage all of them, in proportion to the greatness of their hospitality and faith, to welcome you as benevolently as possible upon your entry into this office now and to adhere to you as your gently teach and lead them into the future.

Taking into consideration the importance of your new office and the great expectations connected to your pastoral activity, which already today Mother Church recognizes, we likewise exhort you, Venerable Brother, to embark upon your ministry with all your strength and to bring about abundant fruit in the community of Milwaukee, promoting devotion to the Eucharist, the source of all graces, and fostering the honor of Mary, the Mother of Jesus and the companion of your activity, especially under the title of “Help of Christians”, who from on high will always enlighten you with counsel, strengthen you will comfort, and prosper you with favorable outcome.

Given at Rome, at St. Peter’s, on the twenty-fifth day of the month of June, in the year two thousand two, the twenty-fourth of our Pontificate.

Marcello Rossetti,
Protonotary Apostolic


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