Wednesday, June 04, 2003

prayer request update: Dad

Just got word from my sister Laura about the outcome of Dad's heart cath today; keep on praying. She writes:

Since Sue and Christine are vacationing this week it's my job to keep you posted on Dad. Well, his heart cath went ok today. Somehow he has a good heart muscle that functions quite well considering the clogged arteries elsewhere in his body. The one artery is totally blocked but miraculously has its own little bypass helping it along. The one other blockage he has can not be angioplasty at this time because of risk factor of his legs. The leg artery is the "escape route" out of the heart and we know that road is closed. So----the heart Dr. recommends that the Leg Dr. do his thing first with moderate risk and we worry about the heart issue after the legs are in the clear. Surgery is still risky but if not done soon quality of life will soon deteriorate faster. Dad is home and being fiesty as usual. No seen side effects of today's procedure. When Sue returns from vacation she will begin bugging the Dr. for a surgery date. That will be a long recovery process as the surgery will be 6-8 hrs. long anyway. Rehab will be needed and possible full time home care for awhile. $$$$$$$. Will keep you posted.

About my own recovery, I saw the surgeon again yesterday and he loves what he's seeing; everything is nearly-healed dry scabbies and he says I can stop putting dressings on in about a week. Hip hip hooray! Now to get blue jeans and a tank suit, and start arranging for water aerobics.....

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