Tuesday, June 03, 2003

We cannot do without them: pray for them!

Just as the people Israel was a priestly people and a holy nation and a people set apart for God,
yet still they needed Aaron and Aaron's sons
to serve in the Lord's holy Temple and offer to God fitting sacrifice for and with them;
so we also, we who are baptised to be priests, prophets, and kings,
still need the presbyters and the bishops,
chosen to make Christ's one great sacrifice always present in our midst,
and to feed us, as was promised and commanded,
with Christ's very body and Christ's very blood.
We cannot do without this great gift.

The novena for priests continues through this week, please scroll down a little to find the novena prayers. And, just because the ninth day is Sunday, please don't use that as a reason to stop praying; our pastors always need our prayers, even when there isn't a novena going on.

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