Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Dad update: keep on praying

the latest from sister-Sue-on-the-spot:

Ok Dad is out of surgery. He went under at 9:30 am till 1 pm. We were able to see him at 2 pm. He was doing pretty good. Sore. The doctor said he did very well. He will be in the hospital maybe till Friday, then probably go to Edwin Shaw Rehab.

The formal names of his surgery were Axillobifemoral Bypass, Left Femoral Popliteal Bypass. They used PTFE " Gortex material to form the arteries. They went in through right below the right shoulder blade down to his right thigh area. Two incisions in his groin area. Left groin area in to below the knee. Then attached the two arteries together. Most all of his arteries are very diseased and poor shape. The doctor did say that there is no way on a heart operation. When his heart goes it will go. There is no was they can put a balloon pump in.

Success rate: General Person 75% for 5 years. for Dad 50% success rate in 5 years. Like I said right now they are monitering him PACU at Akron General. You can call there at x-xxx-xxx-xxxx.

[snip paragraph of other family news]

Maybe see ya soon. Maybe at Christmas. I will keep you posted on dad. Maybe even daily.

So keep up the praying, please. If any of my nurse readers know what PACU is, stick it in the comment box. And, I've been forgetting: for those who prefer names for praying, Dad's name is Lawrence.

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