Saturday, August 09, 2003

It's been a long time since I wrote doggerel....

.... but Bill at Summa Minutiae has inspired me. I don't think this one is too bad for fifteen minute's work.

On English-language Church Music
[to "Aurelia" D]

The music of our people
was captive to Ray Repp.
Permitted four chords only
and sticky syrupy words.
Who would God send to help us
lift up our stucken feet?
Who would expand our rhythms
and help us sing God's praise?

The Lord sent fine deliv'rance
throughout the Catholic world;
the Word of God Commun'ty
and Jebbies in Saint L.
And also many others
who sensed that self-same draw
to open up their Bible
and sing the words they saw.

So now the Catholic People
do sing the Lord's own Word;
they hear His testimony
emit from their own lips.
They contemplate in wonder
the great gift God has giv'n,
to have more verses mem'rized
than all their Prot'stant friends.

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