Friday, August 15, 2003

Where She is, there we also may be: the Dormition/Assumption

Today we proclaim and remember that Mary, the Mother of God and our mother, does dwell in Heaven, taken there by her son, soul and glorified resurrection body together.

Now, holy Church never defines anything about Mary unless it either tells us something about Jesus or tells us something about us. And this time, it's telling us about us.

Dormition, falling asleep in the Lord, will come for each of us. We are made "to be happy with Him forever and ever in heaven", as the first grade CCD book taught us. And just as his mother Mary has been resurrected to dwell in heaven body and soul together, the time will come when we shall be raised, and our soul will rejoin our resurrection body to the praise and glory of God.

Mary is the first-fruit of the general resurrection. Where and as she is, so shall we come to be, whole people, body and soul together, happy with God our Creator and Father in His eternal presence.


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