Thursday, September 25, 2003

Another story from the desert

A certain young man stumbled, but he repented so much so that, after hearing just one sermon, Divine Grace visited him, and he left the world to become a monk. He built a hut in the desert and wept for his sins every day with great pain. He could not be comforted in any way at all.

One night Jesus appeared to him while he was sleeping, surrounded by heavenly light. He drew near to the young man.

"What's the matter? Why do you weep with such pain?" He asked in His sweet voice.

"I weep, Lord, because I have fallen," said the sinner in despair.

"Get up then."

"I cannot do it alone, Lord."

The King of Love then stretched out his hand and helped him get up. However, the young man still did not stop crying.

"Why are you crying now?"

"I'm in pain, my dear Christ, because I have saddened you. I wasted the richness of Your gifts in wantoness."

Then the Master Who so loves man put His hand lovingly on the young man's head and said, "Since you are in so much pain on my account I am no longer saddened by that which has passed."

The young man looked up in order to thank his Saviour, but He was no longer there. In the place where He had stood an enormous cross of light had formed. Redeemed of his sins he bowed down before it.

With gratitude in his soul, after that vision, he returned to the city and became a fervent preacher of repentance and thus led many more people to Christ.

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