Saturday, September 20, 2003

The dangers of talking about good priests.....

Mark Shea has solicited stories about the truly good priests of our lives. But I don't think I'd better, I might not survive. Even though I could name a couple dozen.

Half of them are Jesuits. To be expected --- I studied Theology in a Jesuit University, and I belong to a parish specializing in Ignatian spirituality, pastored by Jesuits. But we're all aware of the general attitude in the Catholic blogosphere, and especially among comment-box denizens, about the Society of Jesus.

Of those who aren't Jesuits, four are bishops, a group not much more favored than Jesuits. One of those bishops has suffered major public embarrassment.

Two have been living in the lay state for decades.

Another was suspended from ministry following the Dallas bishops' conference, having been repentant, rescued, and restored decades before, before he rescued me.

Maybe this shouldn't be so strange, for a dweller in an anchor hold at a bridge named for a devoted and courageous priest of God with a very, shall we say, interesting, life?

At the Groppi Unity Bridge......Father Groppi's bridge.

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