Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Remember Who creates and sustains our ecosystem

Tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday are the autumn Ember Days. At the turn of each season, we turn specially to the Lord with fasting and prayer, because we know that there is only One who can create a tomato, or a green bean, or an ear of sweet corn. And it is not Archer Daniels Midland, nor Nabisco, noe General Foods. We are entirely dependent on the proper timing and amounts of sunshine and rain and snow cover, good polinating insects at the right time and lack of hungry destructive insects at the other times, and we are utterly vulnerable to the tornado and the hurricane and the earth tremor, and over these we have very little control, if any. [Just ask that right now of the people who wait with trepidation for Isabel!] Only their creator and ours can control and shape the weather's often-chaotic patterns.

And so we plead with Him, the Creator of the heavens and the earth.


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