Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Please pray for my dear parish...

.....for the long rumored fecal matter has very publicly hit the revolving oscillator this evening.

Ever since there was still snow on the ground this spring the word's been being passed around; bad news is just around the corner; the parish is gonna lose thousands of dollars we don't have; etc., etc., and so forth. The only thing to do was shrug and pray. Well, now we know what we've been praying about.

An embezzler on the parish staff stole over a third of a million dollars from this thriving, active, building-rich but cash-poor parish over years, before being discovered, fired, and reported to the police in March. Tonight, it led the night news.

So please join us in continuing to pray for the Church of the Gesu.

And also in giving thanks that this is all it was (not a new chapter in the national Situation!)

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