Saturday, November 22, 2003

Jesus Christ is Lord. Hail, Christ the King!

We have only one Lord. Caesar is not Lord. George W. Bush is not Lord, neither is Mr Putin, nor any other head of state. Communism is not Lord, nor fascism, nor capitalism, nor representative democracy, nor any other kind is governmental system. And our one Lord is jealous; we are to put nothing else before Him. Not our cash, not our employers, not the needs of the military-industrial complex --- nothing.

And, Jesus is truly Lord and King. The Davidic king of Israel, yes; and also Melekh ha-olam, the King of the Universe, the Creator of the heavens and the earth in the beginning of time, who will preside over the end of time as well. And yet ---

He came to live among us as a baby (with all the baby's limitations, needs, and dependence).

He lived in obedience to His parents, who educated Him and taught Him a respectable trade.

He got hungry and thirsty, got tired and slept, was in turn joyful, pensive, peeved, angry, sad, grieving, and experienced every kind of emotional weather.

He let go of all the perogatives of being the Lord and Creator of the Universe.

_All_ of them.

He is the King, and yet

The only crown He ever wore on this earth,
the crown we forced upon Him,
was made of thorn-bush.

His only scepter was a stray stick
such as soldiers might have around the barracks;
which was also handy for hitting Him over the head.

And when we made Him high and lifted up,
it was not to seat Him on a throne
but to nail Him to a cross.

And all of this He accepted freely at our hands.
(He was God, and had the ability to save Himself, if He so willed.)
And He forgives us, who know not what we do.
And in His rising he conquers death forever
and bids us come, and die, and be risen up, with Him.

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