Saturday, November 15, 2003

Mea culpa. [beware, rant ahead]

[rant on]

This afternoon I went to one of those places I really should stay out of, where the usual denizens were busily hoping that the Catholic respect for all human life and for the dignity of every human being would be soon torn asunder (maybe dismembered is a better word?), the easier to ignore, neglect, reject, or offend against those parts that are perceived to be inconvenient.

May this never come to pass!

Every human has a right, given by God Himself, to life and human dignity --- EVERY HUMAN!

Even the born.
Even the disabled.
Even the sick and the dying.
Even women alone and fatherless children.
Even the alien sojourner in my land.
Even people with no money.
Even people born in other countries.
Even sinners, even criminals.
Even every other kind of human being there is.

To believe any less is unCatholic.
To believe or act upon any less is behavior unbefitting one made in the image and likeness of God.

Read St. John Chrysostom's sermons.
Read Rerum Novarum, and Laborem Exercens.
Read Evangelium Vitae.

Even the conscripts in Jesus' execution company knew better than to rip up a garment that didn't have seams! Neither are there seams that allow divisions among humans, worthy of life and dignity from the unworthy. FOR THERE ARE NO UNWORTHY!

[rant off]

at least I did my ranting in my own space, instead of his......

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