Friday, March 12, 2004

About that Commonweal article

1) I have written a note to Commonweal's editors ---- but I'm not posting it here, at least not right now. First, because I think it's only fair that they get to read it first, and use it if they wish; and, second, because I may write it again after some time to mull it over.

2) I was still in the nursing home, incommunicado, when I saw the article, and I was thoroughly shocked to see my name and site mentioned, and especially when Mark, Amy, and dear Gerard were not. She must have leap-blogged, rather than use the Great Catholic Blog List. And she even missed jcecil3!

3) The all of us have got to keep in mind that the barque of Peter has a port bow as well as a starboard stern, and if it were missing either one it would surely sink. (I ride in a cozy corner of steerage.)

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