Sunday, May 30, 2004

Of all the days

that Laidlaw Transit could choose to mess up my ride to church! I mean, if they really have to do this kind of thing --- this isn't the first time they've left me high and dry --- why couldn't they choose some Sunday or other of ordinary time instead of one of the greatest of high feasts????

So, I'm stuck at home today, yet another thing to offer up. At least, though, the Mass I attend is broadcast, and I'll at least be able to hear Bishop Sklba's homily on the radio......

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Anonymous said...

you poor muffin i am so sorry you are stuck today and all you have to contend with today.) whereas i get a kick out of tuning in your blog and your writing style would go down your road with heavily laden pastry cart, tea, hot chocolate, different coffees, and a pianist playing selections from nineteenth century composers for you anytime. (description of favorite cafe) nice warm weather here in la jolla although miss the great northeast and had breakfast on lovely patio. i am so sorry you could not accompany. after eating the food of real life of course.