Thursday, May 20, 2004

a passage that resonates with me

from a saint I'm just now discovering, St. Faustina Kowalska. I missed her growing up, because back in the olden days when I was a child, her works were suppressed, suspected of heresy, and her devotion was forbidden, for the same reason. But, fortunately for us all, there was a learned and wise bishop and theologian who was able to read her diary in its original, and was able to clear her name and memory, and reassure the Church that she was not trying to overthrow devotion to the Sacred Heart, so now we all get to read Divine Mercy in my Soul.

Today during Holy Mass, I was unwittingly absorbed in the infinite majesty of God. The whole immensity of God's love flooded my soul. At that particular moment, I became aware of how much God abases himself for my sake. He, the Lord of Lords-and what am I, miserable being that I am, that You would commune thus with me? The wonder that took hold of me after this special grace continued very vividly throughout the entire day. Taking advantage of the intimacy to which the Lord was admitting me, I interceded before Him for the whole world. At such moments I have the feeling that the whole world is depending on me.

My Master, cause my heart never to expect help from anyone, but I will always strive to bring assistance, consolation, and all manner of relief to others. My heart is always open to the sufferings of others; and I will not close my heart to the sufferings of others, even though because of this I have been scornfully nicknamed "dump"; that is, [because] everyone dumps his pain into my heart. [To this] I answered that everyone has a place in my heart and I, in return, have a place in the Heart of Jesus. Taunts regarding the law of love will not narrow my heart. My soul is always sensitive on this point, and Jesus alone is the motive for my love of neighbor.


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Eutychus Fell said...

You are introducing me to many Saints and Catholic Icons I would be hard pressed to find otherwise... thanks so much. :)