Thursday, June 03, 2004

Twenty Ways to Share Your Faith

Actually, jcecil gives us twenty-five ways in his essay at the link. Maybe I should get him to make it into a New Tract for the Times for me!


Eutychus Fell said...

I happened upon a Catholic call-in show on TV last night just as a young women emailed in. She said she was a strong and practicing Catholic, but her fiance was a rather lapsed and lackadaisical Catholic. She felt two pulls, to be evangelical and work to save him through her example, or to dump him because she would be lonely in her faith life. I waited on the channel flipper to hear their answer.

The show's hosts, a woman and a priest told her to dump him rather than live a life where she be carrying the faith load and where she wouldn't have a partner in her faith.

I was rather shocked at that answer. Many of Paul's letters in the New Testament are about this question, about how Christians should act and behave so that others are drawn to the faith.

Thanks for this post.

Anonymous said...

Jcecil missed one - humbly accept the teaching authority of the Church, even when it preempts a project of your own, like women's ordination. - Elinor Dashwood,