Monday, June 21, 2004

Where's my AWOL blogroll?

Y'all might have noticed that for the last few weeks I have had the Blogdom of God Alliance blogroll at the base of my sidebar --- but it has been AWOL for several days now. I checked TTLB and the Blogdom agregator, and am still snooping around the blogosphere, but can't figure out where it went or when/if it'll come back. Any of my readers who happen to know please tell me in my comments box. I'll keep the disclaimer for another week, just in case the list reappears......

And the disclaimer is to be taken seriously. I've never quite understood how a particular gentleman could name his blog with a title of the Theotokos from the Loretto litany and then wonder why us Catholics come over to disagree with him, when he claims we're sub-Christian. :)

1 comment:

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