Wednesday, July 07, 2004

What is the Soul of Worship?

via the 25th Weekly Christian Carnival that Messy Christian is hosting this week, there's an excellent series of articles by a Presbyterian minister on the Soul of Worship which I think we can learn a lot from even though the _real_ soul of worship is the True Presence of the Body of Christ with us. We all know that the liturgical arts in some of our parishes need a lot of help, and those who regularly read Fr. Jeff the New Gasparian, or Catholic Sensibility, or Rex Cledendi, or Reflections in Retirement, or quite a few others from my blogroll know how seriously and diligently some continue to labor in this field.

By the way, I've petitioned to host the Carnival, so I hope to have the Carnival here some Wednesday soon. And I highly recommend that those of my readers who have blogs of their own consider submitting their best weekly post about things Christian to the Carnival. I'm pretty sure you will enjoy it!

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