Sunday, July 18, 2004

When Fr. Corapi speaks, people listen.

submitted to the Rosary Army Forums today.
Spent this weekend at Fr. Corapi's mission at Our Lady of Good Hope Church. Took plenty of strings and knotted every time there was waiting to be done. Lots of people were interested, and even though Rosary Evangelization Apostolate was there distributing also (hundreds, from a booth, some of which were beaded ones of mine!) I gave away about a dozen myself to people curious about what I was doing ---- "it's going to be a rosary. I have some finished ones with me too, would you like one?" was my gambit. [wink icon]
In addition, on Friday night one lady was so very thrilled with her rosary and so enthralled with watching me knot them that overnight I put together a "beginner's kit" and caught her during the Saturday sessions. During a break between talks, we adjourned outside and I gave her a quick lesson on how to tie the rosary knot. I think we have a recruit!
What was in the "beginner's kit":
---- an index card with the web addresses of Rosary Army, FNT, and Autom.
---- one OLRM cord tool (which she saw me using)
---- one plastic crochet hook, size G (I have lots, craft mag publishers like to put them in their junk mail)
---- eight inches 1/4 inch inside diameter plumbing tubing (Thursday I was at hardware store and bought a yard, I told her how she could make a bigger cord tool with it for the #36 twine .... and I haven't even made my own yet! [blushing icon] )
---- one generous handful of long trimmings of twine in a 4x6 baggie for practice knots
---- eight 20-ft. lengths of #36 twine (This is an excellent reason for not skimping on cutting lengths even after lots of practice, you may want to give strings to a newbie.... [smile icon] )
---- eight assorted crucifixes
---- all the above in a quart slide-lock freezer bag.
That should keep her happy and busy till she can come read the RA website and order her own twine and crucifixes. [big-grin icon]
Make them, pray them, give them away!
By the way, the conference was great and I had lots of fun ---- though I skipped Legion meeting and Open Door Cafe this morning because I was exhausted and have a sore spot on my tush from sitting too long ---- but it was worth it!

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