Thursday, August 12, 2004

Sometimes there is good news

Pray for priests!

One of our archdiocesan priests was restored to ministry this past weekend, after sexual misconduct accusations against him proved to be unsubstantiated. Father said,

“One of the hardest parts for me was the fact that it was so devastating that I found it very difficult to pray,” he said. “But I knew that the people of St. Bruno’s and all of my friends and family were praying for me. The people at St. Bruno’s prayed for me every single day, as well as having a prayer service every Thursday night for 15 weeks. Every day I received phone calls, letters, and e-mails of support and prayer.”

So keep on praying for priests --- including the ones you don't get along with and the accused. All the priests. And don't forget that your bishops are priests also. [even the ones you detest!]

from St. Isaac of Nineveh,

An elder was once asked, "What is a compassionate heart?" He replied: "It is a heart on fire for the whole of creation, for humanity, for the birds, for the animals, for all that exists. At the recollection and at the sight of them such a person's eyes overflow with tears owing to the vehemence of the compassion which grips his heart. As a result of his deep mercy his heart shrinks and cannot bear to hear or look on any injury or the slightest suffering of anything in creation.

That is why he constantly offers up prayer full of tears, even for the irrational animals and for the enemies of truth, even for those who harm him, so that they may be protected and find mercy. He even prays for the reptiles as a result of the great compassion which is poured out beyond measure --- after the likeness of God --- in his heart."


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