Tuesday, August 17, 2004

The Spirit of Vatican II dwells in the Documents of Vatican II

Since last summer I've been studying in a listserv known as VatII-doc, dedicated to the reading and systematic study of the entire documents of Vatican II. It has been quite interesting, and also challenging; not everybody on the list is necessarily Catholic or even Christian, and they all take the documents very seriously. The group, after about two years, has finally come to the last paragraph of the last document.

So, now I'm inviting my readers to join us. The list is now discussing a few summing-up questions, and in another week or two will be starting all over again with the first document. The more the merrier. And, how can one comprehend the spirit of the Council without a knowledge of the word of the Council?

Join up at the URL to our home page: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/VaticanII-doc.

about two minutes after I hit the publish button word was out on VatII-doc --- the new cycle will begin on 13 September, with the Opening Address by Blessed Pope John XXIII, followed by Dei Verbum. So go to yahoo and sign up, so you can start right at the very beginning again with us. Study questions from our first time around are archived, in case you need something to do before the 13th!

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Elena LaVictoire said...

Thanks Karen, I signed up and I put a link on my blog. I really appreciate the information you put out on your blog!