Thursday, September 09, 2004

Dratted Typos!

Julie of Happy Catholic just emailed me, that my VatII-Doc link below didn't work. Turns out I typed a comma instead of a dot in the link; no wonder it didn't work! I've fixed it, I think ?

This is the real link to the best Vatican II Documents study group in the listworld, cut and pasted straight from the site so there cannot be typos. The new cycle begins on Monday, come on in.

Also, if you go to the Catholic Herald site on the sidebar, to today's "Herald of Hope" column, Bishop Sklba has an excellent reflection on the Council. He was there as a very young priest. I'll link it here next week, after it gets a permanent URL, right now it is just "current."


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Julie D. said...

I've signed up but have to say that the amount of group "chatter" is quite intimidating as well as the depth of argument that already is being delved into over details of Catholicism. (Maybe its just discussion but to a "newbie" it look like a lot of arguing) I'm gonna stick it out to see if things settle down once we actually start reading the docs. :-)