Saturday, September 25, 2004

I am still alive

for those of you, like my sibs, who use this blog to chack up on me. I just have been very busy and not very inspired --- ranting took a lot out of me! Yesterday I attended the annual conference held by Catholic Charities' Older Adult Ministries, for the first time. Attended two especially good breakout sessions, one on choosing nursing homes and assisted living situations, one on end-of-life issues. I also started prowling among the exhibitors for new medical coverage; I just got notified by the city, my former employer, that they are raising my insurance premium by over $100.00 every month starting at the first of the year --- that on top of the 15% Medicare premium increase! Trying to find a less expensive alternative that will still cover the things I need. Tomorrow is church, of course, and Monday is mammography day .....

Maybe tonight or maybe tomorrow at church I'll get an inspiration what to write about.

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