Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Study the documents of Vatican II with us!

When I saw this postings at Father Dowd's Waiting in Joyful Hope I was reminded to remind you all that the new cycle of studies of the complete documents of our latest Ecumenical Council on the list known as VatII-doc will begin again this coming Monday, September 13th. Follow the link for the page to sign up, there are files sections avalable to members also, with last round's study questions and lots of interesting documentation.

We'll be beginning with Blessed John XXIII's opening address to the Council. Roberta, the Bosse of the list, promises she will sent links to that text to all of you who join us --- it's not printed in many of the volumes of the Documents. Then we'll study our way through every single document, one by one. Right now there's lots of getting-to-know-where-you're-coming-from talk happening, but come the 13th, we will be all business!

The Spirit of Vatican II is in the Documents of Vatican II --- Join us, join us, share in the adventure!

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