Sunday, September 26, 2004

Where do the Eucharist's six movements go?

A while ago I wrote a tract, Six Movements of the Eucharist, which spelled out the six movements which have been indispensible in Christian worship since the beginning. [They are hinted at in the Didache in the first century and spelled out by St. Justin for the Emperor in one of his "apologies" in the second century.] But, I didn't have an introduction for them in my text, and no conclusion either, since I wasn't sure where to go with the teaching from there. Still thought it was important enough to post in the New Tracts for the Times anyhow.

Now I've found where the teaching on the six movements proceeds to, and it is courtesy of that wise and holy man, my archbishop-emeritus. His September 13th posting [sorry, he has no permalinks, doesn't appear to have blogging software.....] takes the six movements and shows how they are actually to be scored, and then made tangible in performance, to continue the musical metaphors. Maybe, with a little digesting, this can lead to a real introduction and conclusion for the "Six Movements" text? Maybe?

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