Saturday, October 16, 2004

A Parish Examination

Does your parish measure up?

Here are the queries, as proposed by the Holy Father's chief liturgist early in October in preparation for this Year of the Holy Eucharist. [via John Allen of NCReporter]

1) Is the Sunday Mass a celebration of the entire parish community (no movement or sub-group excluded or isolated)?

2) Is the proclamation of the Word of God, and especially the homily, truly effective in opening up the Scriptures? (The pope makes a special point of calling for care in the preparation and delivery of homilies).

3) Are the reformed liturgical texts, and especially the Roman Missal, being applied in their integrity?

4) Are the tone of voice, the gestures, the movements, the sense of respect, the moments of silence, the whole constellation of modes of acting consistent with the dignity of the Eucharist?

5) Are people being educated in prayer, especially in the Liturgy of the Hours?

6) Are communities engaging in genuine Christian witness outside the liturgy, acting upon the commission at the end of the Mass?

Remember to offer up a thankgiving to God if your parish measures up, and don't forget to give thanks for your priests and your bishop(s).

And, if you don't think your parish measures up, it's no excuse to stop praying, and time to consider what you (not Father, not the DRE, not Sister, ......) are going to do to improve the situation. Remember that we become what we receive in the Eucharist, and each one of us may be the only Jesus someone ever meets.

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