Friday, October 22, 2004

Prayer Warriors unite!

because rabies has been confirmed in Fond du Lac County teen hurt by a bat. She removed a bat from Holy Trinity-St. Patrick's Church during Mass back in September, received a minor scratch doing it, washed the scratch well, and thought no more about it. Now she's in a Milwaukee hospital, and only one human in history has survived rabies after symptoms appeared.

Pray for her and her family in this great trial.

update 12:41 pm: Her name is Jenna Giese.

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Penitens said...

Prayers answered!The International Herald Tribune on Thanksgiving Day (sic!!) reports

"An American teenager is the first human ever known to survive rabies without vaccination, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control confirmed Wednesday, after the girl received a desperate and novel type of therapy for the fatal disease....

"'You have to see this therapy repeated successfully in another patient,' said Dr. Rodney Willoughby, the associate professor of pediatrics who had prescribed the cocktail of medicines for the patient, Jeanna Giese, 15. 'Until then, it is a miracle.'

God bless Karen Marie!