Wednesday, February 02, 2005

I'm honoring Candlemas and preparing for Pascha today

by ordering my candle for Easter Vigil!

Last year and the year before at Vigil I had to fend off lots of helpful people trying to hand me some new light. I'm only allowed to look, not to touch, or even get too near, lest my wheelchair be transformed to a chariot of fire --- one of the little inconveniences of using oxygen. But others don't notice that; I must wear my cannulas very gracefully.

So I was tooling around the Autom religious supply catalog, looking for crucifixes I could get for my future rosary-making, and saw --- battery-operated candles! Back in the day I would have just hollered "Abomination!" but now they just might be my solution. If I'm holding something tall and glowing, even if it's electric, maybe folk won't sense such a need to hand me an open flame!

One week till the joyous season of Lent.

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Anonymous said...

We use those electric candles at church at Christmas with the children. It's a lot less scary for little ones dressed like angels to be carrying those rather than real flame. -- Berni