Saturday, April 23, 2005

Some of our responsibilities toward our bishops

While we're sitting up all night tonight watching Benedict XVI get installed, a little reminder that it's not just the Pope and the bishops who have responsibilities toward us, but we also have responsibilities toward them. They need us! A reminder of some of those responsibilities, from Peter Maurin's "Easy Essays":


1. The Holy Father
appoints a man
named a Bishop
to a seat -- a cathedra.

2. From that seat -- cathedra
the Bishop
teaches the truth
to all men
so the truth
may make them free.

3. But some people
are Bishop-shy.

4. They are Bishop-shy
because they are
hungry, shivering, or sleepy.

5. They must be
fed, clothed, and sheltered
before they will consent
to come to listen
to Christ's Bishop.

6. To feed, clothe, and shelter them
at a personal sacrifice
is to participate
in the Bishop's apostolate.


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