Wednesday, May 18, 2005

A fast update --- no, I haven't died

The other Milwaukee Catholic-blogger, Terrence, just sent me an email the full text of which was:

When you don't blog for five days, people worry that you're not well

OK, I haven't been the most inspired writer this month. And I'm too tempted (and succumb) to reading all my email and everybody else's blog before working on my own. Be that as may:

I did make it to the Pallium Lecture on Thursday. Fr. Richard John Neuhaus was as glorious as he has always been. I'm old enough to remember him from the days when the great prolife issues were napalm, MAD, and involuntary sterilization; when dinosaurs roamed the earth. I couldn't keep up with notetaking and still have two whole pages of notes, leaving two pages in the back of the worship booklet for notes on the upcomind June 2 speaker. The Powers that Be say they are trying to reschedule the cancelled first speaker --- Cardinal George had a really lame excuse about having to go to Rome [grin, groan].

Today was the monthly go-get-bled day, they got their tube of blood on the first poke, the hospital cafeteria had wonderful turnip greens, I wonder what it was they put in them besides the turnip tops. When I got home, I stayed outside for a while, harvested about two pounds of rhubarb (this is the earliest I've had harvestable rhubarb the whole 15 years I've lived here). Anyone having access to sugar-free or sugar-radically-reduced rhubarb recipes are strongly urged to post them, or links to them, in the comments. I think rhubarb sauce will work with splenda and apples, but I can't figure out a flavorful sub to try for the brown sugar in crisp topping......

My tenant Dennis and one of the neighbor boys were playing a basketball-related game called horse using the hoop that my across-the-street neighbor convinced me to let him mount in my front yard two weeks ago. It was uproariously fun to watch; I think this is the best idea that Jeff-the-lawyer has had in all the years we've both lived here. Much, much better that hollering at him over the ways he parks his cars (a volatile issue on a street only 13 feet wide without sidewalks or setbacks or driveways).

Sporadically working on the "ad altare dei" post; might have it ready for posting by the weekend.

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alicia said...

Throw a TBS of the darkest molasses you can find into the Splenda to make a brown sugar substitute- it won't be absolutely sugar free but it will crisp nicely - and molasses has iron and calcuim to compensate for the carbs. Also use the really thick rolled oats if you can find them.