Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Just keeping up

It's been a somewhat wooly couple of days. Hot, sticky. Not good sleeping weather --- and not good waking-up weather either, I apparently turned off my alarm clock Sunday morning without actually waking up and missed my ride to church, waking up at 7:59 am, just in time to turn the radio to listen to where I was supposed to actually be! [Will I get drummed out of the Legion of Mary for this?....] One of my tenants had to go out in the middle of the night this weekend on a rescue mission I suspect I'd rather not know too much about.

The computer's crashed at least once a day since Friday. I'm way overdue responding to a kind blog-related email. But things are looking up.

Peapod arrived to deliver the groceries just with the first raindrops and were done and gone before the deluge and the hailstones. [Peapod is wonderful.] Tomorrow I get to go to one of my favorite strip malls for my annual haircut, which I missed last year --- have to look spiffy for my new undriver's licence picture and right now I just look shaggy. [For the Milwaukeans, I'm referring to the corner of Farwell and Brady, where there's a good Supercuts shop --- and a TYME machine, Subway, Walgreens and Osco. After the haircut, I hope to find a clamp parasol for my chair and a few other small amenities...]

Also, keep me in prayer. Remember, a few months ago I mentioned how I would like to spend my upcoming birthday? Well, it might just be possible after all; I've applied to volunteer at the National Pastoral Musicians conference, and the rules say that if you volunteer, you can also listen in on the events that day, so I really hope they accept me. I'll happily do clerical labor, pass out leaflets, or whatever to be able to listen in of some of the sessions on the schedule!

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Julie D. said...

We used to have Peapod and I used it always. It was sooooo wonderful having them pick out all my groceries and then bring them in the house! Ahhhh, memories! :-)