Thursday, July 07, 2005

Lumen gentium coming right up!

As I've mentioned here occasionally in the past, I'm old-fashioned about my internet habits, and still participate in many listserv-type groups. One of my favorites is a Yahoo study group called VaticanII-Doc, a serious study of the actual documents of the most recent Ecumenical Council.

All are welcome to join us; we are not all Catholic. Those of us who are Catholic are from all parts of the barque --- crow's nest to steerage, port bow to starboard stern. A few of us were actual participants in the Council as periti, clerks, etc. What we share is a serious interest in the _actual_documents_ of the Council, with the knowledge that the "spirit of Vatican II" is in the documents of Vatican II.

I'm bringing it up right now since it's a handy time to join. Our method is to take on the documents one at a time --- and our study of Lumen gentium, the Dogmatic Constitution on the Church, one of the most important of the documents of the Council, will begin tomorrow. So check out the link, and join us in the fun!

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