Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Brother Roger's Funeral

The video of Brother Roger of Taize's funeral is here. Click button marked "regardez L'Archive video", it will play in a popup window. It is viewable with a dailup (I did it), but the video portion will appear more like a slideshow.


Anonymous said...

To all Blogger friends,
Karen is again in the hospital. She's got a 102 fever and they are
looking for infection - lots of IV anitbiotics, etc.
Please say a prayer and I'm sure she will be blogging again (hopefully in a week or two).
Littlest sister
Chris (from "The Burgh")

Anonymous said...

God bless Karen. She is in my prayers! Peg in Denver

Anonymous said...

Prayers, ascending.
I dont know how she manages to cope with this.
Bless heer heart.

Anonymous said...

Dearest sister, our prayers are always with you! My prayers are that you will be given all the graces required for the suffering you experience. I am certain that your suffering, when united to our Lord on the Cross, is helping many, many others!

Anonymous said...

May Jesus be with you and heal you, Karen.

Sparki said...

Praying for you, KMK!

Jack B. said...

You are in my prayers, Karen. I hope to God that you get well.

Anonymous said...

Praying. Thanks for the update.