Friday, July 14, 2006

Getting back in gear

I'm getting my blogging back in gear again after some days of blogging temptation.

For some unknown reason, it seems all the ideas that have been popping up for posts the last week or so have been "Controversies R Us", and I've always tried to keep this blog oriented to those things that do not change, a quiet back cove of the parish. So, I haven't been posting. But, just for your entertainment, a topic list of the half-written passed-up posts:

1)"Let them drive automobiles"; coping with clueless socially isolated politicians
2)Wealth and poverty are relative terms
. . 2a)Just because they are relative does not make them insignificant or less a problem
. . 2b)Speaking honestly about these problems is not class warfare
3)What is up with St. Blog's Parish and disrespect for elders?
4)the Catechism and offenses against truth (and there isn't even a current blogstorm....)
5)the Second Vatican Council's only anathema (and it's not August sixth.....)
6)Sacramental Church without Sacraments --- curcuit riders, "viri probati", and the return of the "simplex priest"?

and there were some others I didn't start to write. Aren't you glad I've got some resistance [grin]

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