Saturday, October 28, 2006

A quick update: keep the prayers coming!

It got so bad this evening that I could bear no weight at all, so I called the triage nurse and was sent to the emergency room. My excellent next-door neighbor helped me get out of the house, down the porch steps and into the cab.

The doctor there doesn't know what the problem is, but they eliminated a bunch of stuff. He says it is not neuropathy, the pattern of pain isn't right for that. If it's an infection, it isn't far enough along to show in the blood test. and they took x-rays, and the prelim reading says no busted bones. So he thinks I've torn a ligament, probably, and sent me back home with an orthopedic bootie and a prescription for really good pain pills. (and gave me two before I left the ER and two more to hold me until I can get the prescription filled in the morning) They don't get rid of all the pain, but getting from 8/10 to about 4/10 means I can grit my teeth and hobble to the bathroom without screaming, which is a very good thing indeed.



Mimi said...

Continued prayers.

Anonymous said...

You're in my prayers too - I hope you're feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Karen... praying for you. About 3 years I fell while foolishly running down stairs and tore ligaments in my foot. The pain was incredible. I had to wear one of those danged Bride of Frankenstien black boot things (Aka a Bledsoe brace) for 6 months. I do understand about "screaming pain". I know the Lord likes to remind us of our humanity, and you're being reminded of yours, but believe me, prayers are a necessary consolation and help in times like these.

Lifting you up (gently but frequently!)

Appreciative reader person

Anonymous said...

Continued prayers for your healing.

When I was little, the sisters used to say "offer it up". Now that I am grown, that doesn't work anymore. How do you handle chronic, unceasing pain.

Anonymous said...

Karen: I remember about 4 months ago at Mass I was noting that I felt physically rather okay. Just then an image of Our Lord popped into my mind. Our Lord was carrying the cross, but his suffering face was looking right at me! I still see this image at times.

Our Lord was grazing my soul with a message to be ready at any time for my own cross. Now I know we all must bear and share crosses. But what would my disposition be if I were to get around for a while with a physical ailment? Naturally, I said to soul, accept it.

And so the trial came. Some months ago, a friendly big dog decided to run at me, and lick my face. She did the same to nearby friends, and then thought enough of me to circle around and leap towards me. Not wanting a thudding collision, I spun quickly. In a flash, I felt a jolt of pain in my knee. A sprain and nothing more, said I to soul.

More, much more. It happens that my wife and I had, months earlier signed up for a pilgrimage to Italy. It was to happen just weeks from the time of the incident. No mild ache, but I said to wife, I'll stand the gaffe and go. I love the idea of a pilgrimage.

We walked streets and paths, Assisi, Rome, San Giovanni Rotondo, Monte Cassino, many times clambered aboard buses, attended Mass in the Morning, prayed rosary on the bus and generally enjoyed our sojourn to be where Our Lord's friends lived, to the "heart of the Host" in Gerard Manley Hopkins'words. Lanciano was a stop for us. Still, every step was penance. And when I chose, I could summon my remembrance of Our Lord's image and more fully understand. So I now deal with pain from recent arthoscopic surgery and the sting of its aftermath. It is good to be well and to attend prayerfully to duty. It is sweetness within pain to meditate on the everyday Calvary. And to storm heaven with petitions to Our Lord, the Blessed Mother and friends to alleviate the dead weight of suffering in the world.

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