Monday, November 13, 2006

Template News

So far so good on the template tampering. I couldn't find another purple blog but I did find this one that's at least a little orange! Reference Links and blogroll H-Z are up, after I get some supper, or in the morning, I'll finish A-G. Have not yet found a way to restore the webrings, the sitemeter, or the button-style links that were below Mater Ecclesiae in the sidebar, but I'll keep trying.


Update, Tuesday 2:20 am cst: Hooray! Blogroll A-G is in and it is now complete. I also found the proper template html spell to load the webrings, badges and buttons, and they are all transferred also!
Now off to bed, I think.......



Mimi said...

Looking good!

Terrence Berres said...

You might want to consider a service like BlogRolling to make this task easier.

Anonymous said...

You are my hero, for this, and other reasons, notably your position on the "normative mass"

Bego, a.k.a. Jellybean

Elena LaVictoire said...

It looks good Karen!